this year has been one i never thought i'd have. mirth has grown into something bigger than i hoped, and not a day goes by that i don't think about why. "the why" is the basis for our business and "the why" is the reason we are still around and going strong.

summer dress resort style from mirth
photo and tag design by the veda house

we set out to do something creative with the help and skill of artists and makers doing honest and beautiful work. no matter how often we question if we should be doing this-- if we can hang on the same racks as brands we admire, if our product is really something people want-- when a new box arrives at our door, after so many hands worked for months to create it, it is pure joy, pure mirth. when i panic about paint drips or slubs in the weave, i remember how many people spent so much time creating the garment, and i know tossing it away and create waste is not a solution. if i don't mind the occasional misweave or black line in the pattern, our dear customers won't either. and in fact, i like it more with this evidence of handmade, and i think you do, too.

handloom weaving in india - mirth kaftans

in short, thank you, friends of mirth. you've championed, hurrahed, liked, commented, shared, bought and supported us so much. you've noticed the small things and appreciated them and understood why they cost what they do. you've embraced slow fashion. we wouldn't still be here designing without you. thank you.


below are a few of our favorite instagram tags.
keep them coming! we love to see mirth around the world.

resort style collage for mirth caftans
[dunes cover photo also by cassie pyle of the veda house]

November 26, 2016