when our friend molly miller from a piece of toast told us about her friend mickey, founder of sabah shoes, we knew we had to learn more. we visited mickey in houston at a pop up and spent hours trying on these colorful, beautifully made shoes. if we could invent a travel shoe, this is it. sabahs are right down our alley with their stylish comfort and cultural origins. 

we love that they are made by hand in turkey and each pair comes with a note from the artisan who made them.

MIRTH Dallas Pop Up at Sabah Shoes with A Piece of Toast

we are honored to partner with both molly and mickey for our first pop up in dallas.
join us next week the sabah house in dallas! the best part of going on the road is meeting YOU.

please come for a visit!

sabah shoes and mirth caftansmolly miller with a piece of toast in mirth

photos by a piece of toast

we'll have our full spring line in tow, along with a few resort pieces. the sweet lime sodas will be flowing as we try one probably every pair of colorful sabahs. how can you not?
sabah shoes dallas and mirth caftanssabah shoes and mirth caftans for traveling
sabah travel shoes sabah shoes and mirth kaftans
how great are these shoes?! photos by sabah on instagram

head over to a piece of toast for more. 

see you soon, dallas friends!

April 29, 2017