Our MIRTH Moment series is back, this time with special guest Samantha Seneviratne. We originally connected with Sam over Instagram after spotting MIRTH in one of her incredible dessert creation reels. Since then, we've loved learning more about her impressive career and oogling over her insanely delicious-looking baked goods -- and we suspect you will love following her too!

Sam's multi-hyphenate career ranges from food writer and stylist to recipe developer and cookbook author -- not to mention host of Everyday Cooking on Magnolia Network. Her career began in the test kitchen at Saveur and the rest truly sounds like a dream to us.

Read the full interview below and be sure to follow her @samanthaseneviratne for daily honey baked, chocolate soaked, cherry on top inspo.

MIRTH: We're very impressed by your career! Tell us what drew you to this kind of work and a little about the journey that got you to where you are today.

Sam: Thank you so much! I've wanted to be a baker since I was a little kid. I don't exactly know why. Baking just called to me. It wasn't just about eating dessert, but also the making of it, the sounds, and the smells. The fact that dessert is just about joy and fun. I think I felt that in my bones even as a kid. After I graduated from college and moved to NYC, a friend introduced me to one of the food editors at Gourmet magazine. He gave me a tour of the test kitchen and told me about his job. I was sold! I went to culinary school at night and set my sights on food media. The internship at Saveur was my foot in the door.

MIRTH: Working with and around food sounds like a dream to us! Out of all your various skills and positions, what has been your favorite?

Sam: The best thing about my career is how varied it's been. I've worked in magazine test kitchens as a recipe developer. I've been in production for food television. I've gotten to style food all over the place, and I even get to cook food on camera! All the jobs involve cooking, but in different ways, and that keeps it interesting. I'm not sure I have one favorite position, but I do love working collaboratively with other cooks. Tasting food together and improving our skills and our recipes has always been my favorite part of my work.

MIRTH: We were so excited to spot you wearing MIRTH on your Instagram feed! How would you describe your personal style?

Sam: I'm pretty simple. I love bright colors and patterns. That's my go-to. I always struggle when I'm asked to wear neutrals to a shoot. I don't own any!

MIRTH: Do you have a go-to outfit for cooking at home or hosting friends for dinner?

Sam: I do love a simple, flowy dress with a pretty pattern. Dresses like that look nice and take so little effort. I feel like I'm wearing pajamas!

MIRTH: What is your daily coffee routine?

Sam: I always make a pour-over coffee for myself in the morning. One cup, super milky, with a bit of brown sugar.

MIRTH: What's your most memorable meal experience?

Sam: My favorite meals usually have to do with the company and the place, even more so than the food. There was this tiny, little place serving hand-pulled noodles in Beijing that my friend and I found. She was living there at the time and I had come for a visit. I still dream about those noodles.

MIRTH: What do you make for dinner when friends are coming over?

Sam: I like to do something satisfying that feeds a lot, but takes little effort. I'm crazy about David Chang's bo saam. It's the simplest thing ever to make, but it is absolutely out of this world. Something that makes leftovers is key -- after a dinner party, I don't want to cook for a while. That bo saam keeps giving for days.

MIRTH: Where are you traveling to next?

Sam: My list is so long! I want to go everywhere and I want to eat everything! I've never been to Hong Kong and I'd really like to go there soon.

MIRTH: What's always in your carry-on?

Sam: Chapstick. It's the least glamorous thing in the world, but I love it dearly. I keep one in every coat, every purse, by my bed, in my desk, in my car - everywhere.

Samantha's MIRTH Picks

October 16, 2023