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The funny thing about Instagram is that even if you sometimes wish it didn’t exist, or feel the need to delete the app for a while, it can’t be overlooked that it has brought so much to our lives and business over the years. Case in point is a DM from Kypris Beauty earlier this year -- which came literally as I was finishing up a bottle of their 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir. It is so good, the smell alone makes me think it’s doing something glorious for my skin (and it really does!).

So another notch for Instagram making new friends! We’ve been in touch this year about our love for each other’s products and started thinking about a way to collaborate. A giveaway, which is something we don’t do much of, seemed like a fun way to join together in a genuine way.

Consider this your excuse to put on your new MIRTH pajamas, and indulge in a night of soothing face masks, golden-y serums, and all the beautiful products from Kypris.

One winner will get a MIRTH pajama set and cotton robe of your choice, a $250 MIRTH gift card, a specially curated assortment of products from Kypris Beauty, and a $250 Kypris gift card. Bonus: everyone who enters the giveaway will receive $50 off toward a $175+ purchase on MIRTH and/or a $175+ purchase on Kypris.

xo Katie

mirth pajama pant set in pink lemonade
kypris body elixir: inflorescence body oil
mirth night dress in onyx bloom
kypris cerulean hydration mask

mirth laos robe in stargazer
kypris glow philtre illumination mask
mirth laos robe in nautical ikat
kypris beauty elixir 1,000 roses face oil

mirth pajama short set in jawbreaker
kypris moonlight catalyst facial serum
October 24, 2023 by Carmen Collins
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