we’ve made it pretty clear that MIRTH is about more than just the clothes. we hope that we inspire a slow, wandering, mindful life. so when we pack up the goods and head out of town, we want to bring more with us than just the clothing. 

we’ve been wanting for a long time to get to austin to connect with our community there. so we partnered up recently with kate waitzkin and kate zimmerman turpin to put together a morning gathering with the idea of slowing down, connecting and appreciating art around us. and, of course, we brought our new spring collection o try on, too. thomspon + hanson’s garden house (one of our newest stockists!) could not have been a better home for this (now annual) event. 

we loved getting to meet our austin customers in person, seeing them in our goods and hearing valuable feedback. we’re floored by the impressive, smart, interesting women who are drawn to MIRTH. it is such an honor to be welcomed into your closets…and your instagram feeds. i wish we could pack up a van for a month long road trip and hit the whole country. maybe someday?! would you like to have MIRTH come do a morning meditation in your city?

it may have been pouring rain outside, but it was bright and sunny inside. kate w.’s meditation left us blissful and happy and admiring kate t.’s photography left us inspired. (tiny boxwoods’ cookies left us really happy.) 

thanks to leann funk for these images and capturing the morning so well. 

kate waitzkin meditation

mirth in austin

mirth beach accessories

mirth event in austin

thompson hanson garden house

mirth spring trunk show

 kate waitzkin yoga meditation with mirth

mirth events

mirth in austin mirth in austin

mirth in austin kate zimmerman turpin prints for mirth

(last 4 blurry photos by moi)

June 15, 2018