what the lagniappe?

do you know this word? it’s one our family used often growing up. it's louisiana french, and although we aren't 100% cajun or creole, we do have a good bit of it running through our blood. our great aunt called her bay house lagniappe, and each 4th of july, we'd head down to the water in our colors for fireworks, croquet and hot dogs.

this is the perfect name for our blog. it's what we hope to bring to our readers by sharing our thoughts, photos and experiences. a little something extra... something to inspire, something to learn, a treat, a thought. we focus on travel, or with a global perspective. travel inspired us to start MIRTH and is a huge part of the company's soul.

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our caftans come with some lagniappe, too:
each comes packed in a nifty pouch that we think you'll find endless use for. 

January 11, 2015 by Katie McClure
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