amusement, especially as expressed in laughter.
merriment, high spirits, hilarity, glee, laughter, gaiety, buoyancy, blitheness, euphoria, exhilaration, lightheartedness, joviality, joy
"we could not hold back our mirth"
MIRTH has been slowly, steadily making its way into our lives. And it just won't leave. So we took that to mean the universe must be telling us something.
What started as a solution, really, to our problem of how to connect our creativity, need to give back to the world and wanderlust, turned into a actual, real thing one very hot day in Jaipur, India. We couldn't ignore it any longer. Starting MIRTH was something we just had to do.
We traveled that summer to India a bit lost. Katie had been traveling around the world for some time trying to figure it out. Erin had just closed her clinic for kids with autism-- her dream. But we both came back what felt like... found.
MIRTH unfolded, albeit after years of percolating in our heads in some form or another, over the course of one day. (It really was: The best. Day. Ever.) Literally, we could not hold back our mirth (MIRTH!) from then on, in every sense.
[It may not be flattering, but this photo mirth in its purest form.]
[It may not be flattering, but this photo is a moment of mirth in its purest form.]
Two sisters + an elephant + a love for textiles [especially caftans made from them] = MIRTH.
Check back for more on our story, and follow us (and laugh at us, inevitably) as we start our company.  We can't wait to show you what we're doing and making.
Erin + Katie
November 12, 2014