MIRTH is an ethical clothing line started by two sisters, Katie and Erin.


Through several years of travel and exploration, the sisters landed in India, where they were inspired by the country’s vibrant communities and their heritage textiles. On that initial trip, Erin and Katie both found “mirth,” which simply means joy, amusement, or merriment. There they also discovered their newfound mission: to launch their clothing line, MIRTH. With a modern take on traditional handloom weaving and abstract block printing, MIRTH’s mission is to help sustain and celebrate craft while providing opportunity and ethical employment to artisans in developing countries. The majority of MIRTH fabrics are handmade and sourced from artisan communities, with each fabric telling its own unique story. Nearly all aspects of creation happen in local villages, revitalizing the techniques of handloom weaving and block printing practiced in families for generations. 


MIRTH is meant to be comfortable and versatile: worn on the beach, to dinner, and everywhere in between. Made with soft colors and textures, each piece can be effortlessly thrown on, no matter where you wander.