MIRTH is dedicated to making a positive and lasting social impact. We believe the clothing we wear can serve a greater purpose. 

Our handmade collection features artisan-made textiles and our collaborations with these craftsmen and women help sustain heritage craft and provide ethical employment, education, and pride to the weavers and printers.  

We work with organizations and cooperatives across India formed to provide better lives and meaningful work to weavers, many of whom are women. The impact of giving work to these talented artisans is widespread and benefits our weavers’ families and communities, allowing us to spread mirth. We’re lucky to have partners who we consider family. With their help, we can ensure that the day-to-day work and an end product that meets our standards. 

MIRTH values creating beautiful clothing with a story. Our pieces are meant to last season to season, and we make efforts to waste as little as possible, using fabric scraps for pouches, scrunchies, headbands, and notebooks. We value slow living, with a focus on ease and thoughtful dressing. We hope our pieces inspire a sense of joy in taking part in their creation and in supporting our artisan communities.

Ease. Comfort. Beauty, inside and out.