last summer we filled giant suitcases (remember the rolling and saran wrap?) with our spring 23 collection and set off for mallorca. it was our first time to visit the much-talked-about spanish island – and we fell for it hard.
our small crew set out each day to find the most picturesque scenery, which wasn’t exactly hard, but avoiding august crowds was. up north we fell in love with deia, a golden, medieval town and “cala” so beautiful we named a dress after it. in the south, we shot along the stunning cliffs and took breaks during the hottest afternoon hours for lunch and gelato overlooking the sea. much of our locales were hidden down long paths only the locals know about– and begged us not to geo tag. so you’ll have to explore and find those on your own :)
we will forever wish we could be as effortlessly relaxed as our lovely local models who jumped in the sea between takes. we’ll have to settle for another trip where we will take on some of those mallorcan traditions: fresh lemonade, post lunch swims and not a phone in sight as we take in the beauty of the spanish island.
enjoy this peek of our trip with a few recos & packing tips! 
xo katie & erin




deia may be be “discovered” but doesn’t feel as touristy as we expected. it is still a charming, and not too crowded, dream of a town, sitting mountainside above the rocky coast.

the belmond is a splurge but is hotel perfection and situated to walk to town and the beach. dinner at restaurant sebastian on the terrace was lovely. if you make one stop here, pop into datura studio – a cute boutique with its own brand and others we love, like here.


What to pack:
Vienna maxi in white carnival jamdani
Hudson tank in sedona jamdani
Biarritz in rose bloom
Granada dress in bronze stripe

Northern Mallorca

the windy roads are wild, but this breathtaking area is worth it. drive from town to town, cala to cala, and explore lots of hidden rocky seaside hangs. patiki beach, a fun daytime beach club resto with incredible food, is in the soller port. soller is nice for a stroll and lemon gelato at sa fĂ brica de gelats.


each town has an open spring fed well that was historically used for washing clothes. we ate the most delicious jamón sandwiches with our feet in the water (and some head dunks, too!) when it was so hot– such a unique mallorcan experience! We stayed as cas xorc with gorgeous views and a lovely exterior– we recommend it for an afternoon break or sundowner. highly recommend Ca Na Toneta for dinner!


What to pack:
Singapore dress in camelia bloom
Capri maxi in indigo rain
Kerala blouse
Kyoto blouse in bronze stripe


Son Ru

this house can be rented for a group and is nothing less than an interior design dream. lemon trees abound in mallorca, and we drank loads of lemonade. but be warned, bees are everywhere and erin was the first victim.


 What to Pack:
Paros top in black carnival jamdani
Woodstock shorts in bone
Borocay tank in bone
Bay skirt in snapdragon bloom


Southern Mallorca

while santanyi was heavier on the tourist side, there were lots of gorgeous calas (yes, all of the ones from instagram) near here. and we loved the can ferrereta hotel. cassis beach house was fun during the day.


What to pack:
Somerset dress in camelia bloom
Track short in rose bloom
Seville top in white


May 08, 2023