we’re fresh off the plane from a trip to india and wanted to share a glimpse into our carry on bags with you. spoiler alert: they are completely full of supplements, sanitizing products, and snacks to help us stay healthy and energized during and after 2 long haul flights.

after nine trips to india, sometimes taking as long as 24 hours, we have our in-flight wellness routine down to a science. we truly feel like there is nothing worse than getting sick while traveling, so we do everything possible to avoid it. below we’re sharing our list of must-pack-items, from natural supplements to chemical-filled wipes that actually kill germs. 

we hope you find this list helpful as you prep for spring adventures.


supplements + otc checklist


erin fills tiny pill pouches purchased on amazon with an assortment of a.m. and p.m. supplements.
  • charcoal pills: we take these in the morning and at the first sign of food poisoning. katie swears these save her from getting sick.
  • electrolyte tablets: pop these into your water bottle to stay hydrated on the plane
  • elderberry gummies to support immune system and fight off winter colds
  • bio-active silver hydrosol -- another immune system boost
  • vitamin b
  • vitamin c 
  • probiotics to keep your gut in check and support immune health
  • ponaris nasal emollient to keep your nostrils moisturized in the dry airplane air, and hence protected from inhaling germs



  • sono disinfecting wipes: these medical grade wipes kill everything, unlike standard disinfecting wipes that you would buy at your local store. katie wipes down the airplane seat, seat belt, tray, and anything surrounding her seat on the plane. it might look crazy to your neighbor, but it's worth it! she also uses them to wipe down hotel room surfaces, and even chai cups before drinking from them in a rural setting.
  • this sparitual hand sani packs a punch with a high alcohol content plus hydrogen peroxide.



  • we avoid plane food (and stomach aches) and instead bring a lot of nourishing snacks (well, some more nourishing than others). katie actually has a fear of running out food on the plane (anyone else?), so she stocks up on snacks, which also provide in-flight entertainment. she hits up the bulk section of the grocery store and fills small bags (she prefers spice bags from the bulk spice section) with spiced cashews, spicy nut mix, choclate covered gummy bears... and on and on. erin loves hu chocolate, sakara life bars, and living intentions activated nut mixes. almond butter packets + gluten free crackers are great anytime, as do dried mango. homemade veggie roll ups are great for the first leg: julienned veggies like carrots, cucs, beets, spinach rolled into a Siete almond flour tortilla with a schmear of hummus.
  • a green juice the day of is always a good idea. in houston, we like juiceland.


mirth travel with away and parasol
we also love the away large carryon

the carry on bag:


we recommend the baggu cloud bag that can be put in the wash and disinfected as soon as you get home. it weighs next to nothing, holds a million pounds and has handy deep side pockets to hold important things.

 sezane's round pouches are perfect for earbuds or easy to reach medicines you know you'll need mid-flight. (don't forget to bring airplane compatible buds in addition to air pods.)

calpak packing cubes are well worth it to corral all the things and prevent you from digging around for 15 minutes to find what you need. (and they come in so many cute prints!)


the skincare:


 arriving to the airport before a long travel day clean and refreshed makes an enormous impact on how you feel. a cardio sesh and shower right before leaving is a must. layering on our most moisturizing face products and serums is also crucial. katie goes for summer fridays jet lag mask (leave it on) and rosehip seed oil, with classic embryolisse to laying on mid-flight. erin slaps on indie lee moisturizer and brings along skyn iceland masks.

stay tuned for a follow up post about our favorite products to get comfortable in coach. 



arrived refreshed!








February 28, 2020