indigo collection somerset short dress indigo rain MIRTH spring 2023
it's here! our annual indigo capsule collection is back. 
we work year-round with 6 families of master printers in india to get the prints and deep shade of blue just right.  the multi-step "dabu" - or mud printing - process behind each indigo piece takes a lot of time and skill, and the hand craftsmanship is visible to the eye, which makes each piece unique and special.  wear these soft cotton dresses for years to come and see how they fade with age, continuing to tell a story of the hands behind them.
capri maxi in indigo rain MIRTH spring 2023
vienna maxi indigo bloom MIRTH spring 2023
somerset indigo rain MIRTH spring 2023
belem caftan in indigo glass MIRTH spring 2023
making the indigo collection reel MIRTH 2023
 indigo collection MIRTH spring 2023
March 30, 2023