making it official.

although it feels like we launched years ago, we finally made it official last week with our launch event at brooke feather's houston shop. let's just say it was nothing more than perfect and completely surreal. thank you, friends, supporters, everyone who has been so kind and helped us get to this point in some way. we were floored so many of you came to celebrate our little company's beginning. and we were beyond floored to see girls actually wearing our caftans. what??


we forget sometimes how lucky we are to be doing this and how far we've come. and then we see a stranger wearing deepak's blockprint-- the one we went back and forth on to make it what we wanted and then to get it produced. that, i can tell you, is the full circle and it couldn't make me happier.


what a night.


depetra sisters with mirth founders and brooke feather


mirth caftans launch of kaftans and summer dresses in houston texas

 brooke feather mirth caftans launch party

 mirth caftans kaftan launch event at brooke feather

 brooke feather boutique in houston texas

Erin Breen and Katie McClure, MITH Founders 

mirth caftans launch event at brooke feather in houston

Emily Burke and Katie McClure at the Mirth Caftans launch



April 14, 2016 by Katie McClure
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