fall getaways 2021 MIRTH 
travel may still be iffy right now, but we can always use a mental getaway, right? read on for 8 fun spots recommended by 8 fun women.  (and what they'd wear of course!)

chanelle k morris fall getaway 2021 MIRTH

a sunny spot for christmas c/o @chanellekmorris

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samantha could i have that fall 2021 MIRTH

we love mallorca c/o  @couldihavethat
fall getaways 2021 kate
rome is a favorite of ours, too! @kate_zim_turpin
liz adams fall getaways MIRTH
dreamy positano thanks to  @lizadams
grace atwood fall getaways 2021 MIRTH
 london in the fall sounds so nice  @graceatwood
erica fall getaways 2021 MIRTH
portugal is wonderful in the fall. thanks, erica! @eggcanvas
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janelle fall getaways 2021
this hotel has been on our dream list for years!
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alicia fall getaways 2021
we'll never say no to france @aliciamlund
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we love to find new places to discover all year round.  thanks to these 8 gals, we have some fresh ideas.  are you going somewhere soon?  tag us and #mirthtravels on instagram!
September 15, 2021