from the beginning, we were set on packaging our caftans in a reusable package of some kind. easy to say, much harder to create.

so we learned as we spent a tons of time developing it.


potli pouch reusable packaging - summer travel gift


but it was so worth the extra effort. the final result is more of a standup pouch as opposed to a flat zip as we first imagined. brer rabbit style.

you know you remember. 


 potli pouch reusable packaging - summer travel gift

turns out, our vision is very similar to a common bag known very well in india: the potli pouch. what's a potli? it's a little sack of somethin'.
it has been around since the vedic period and was traditionally used as a coin purse or what we'd now call a weekender bag.
in medieval times, they were filled with dried fruit, herbs or spices for trade.


in ayurvedic medicine, cloth is filled with herbs and placed on the body during a potali massage (i had one at vana retreat and ohmygosh, incredible). potli pouches are now often made of embellished velvet and brought to weddings and formal events as an evening purse in india.


 potli pouch reusable packaging - summer travel gift


we use our pouches to corral sunscreen and sunnies in our beach bag, packing shoes, or rolled up as a clutch. the best part is that each of our
caftans comes packed in a potli pouch.


this will change throughout the year, sometimes caftan to caftan. it has proven to be a fantastic creative outlet for us to experiment and try out interesting fabrics we find. we've had tons of fun designing variations.


you'll use it again and again, we promise. this is our little lagniappe for you.




November 25, 2015