mirth travel: holbox island, mexico.

we took a quick break from the ups and down of startup life to travel to holbox (pronounced hall-bosh), off the yucatan peninsula in mexico. we heard tulum, though, still incredible, was becoming a little too crowded, so we took the chance on this little fisherman's island.


holobx is a 2 hour drive north of cancun, plus a quick ferry ride. because it takes a little more effort to get there, it seemed to be worlds away from the crowded tourist areas. we seemed to be the only ones with american accents-- we heard british, australian, german, and lots of native mexicans. a nice mix if you ask me.

it is so tiny-- every establishment can claim to be beachfront-- so walking andwandering is the best way to get around. 




no neon. no margaritavilles. authenticity at its best.




mosquitos at night? yes. terrible internet? yes. serene, calm, authentic? yes. and isn't that so much better than some conveniences? we ate our weight in local lobster (bbq'd and served in taco form, the best), drank pacifico on the beach and didn't put on shoes the entire time. we had a night without a/c, and looking back, i regret not ditching the bed for one of the dozens of hammocks lining the beach.





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