sarong in midnight coral

$ 120.00


a classic sarong with so many uses: wrap it creatively on the beach to cover up, spread it out as a blanket, or double wrap and wear it as a skirt with a white tee.

this fabric is hand block printed in small batches by a family of 4th generation printers in bagru, india. each part of the sustainable process is done by hand in this printing village.

cotton/silk blend. the fabric is light and silky.

80" x 42"

muni demonstrates one way to wrap the sarong.

care: this garment is made of cotton silk, and this beautiful fabric requires special care. silk is a natural protein; therefore, use only gentle detergent without protease, enzymes, alcohol, bleach or alkalines (no "stain fighters"). these will dissolve silk, meaning it will disintegrate. we recommend woolite. be careful with labels as many detergents are marketed as hypoallergenic or gentle but will dissolve silk. click here for more about garment care.

made in india.